29 oktober 2018

Where the Hell am I going?

För svensk text, gå HIT!

The wandering, the road, seems endless. Maybe because that’s exactly what it is.
Endless and, sometimes, meaningless.
But… in the light of the magnifying glass it’s not the road or the wandering itself that is meaningless, it’s the way it’s supposed – as it seems – to be carried out.
Swedish author Mikael Niemi was on to something important when he, in his novel Populärmusik från Vittula (eng. Popular music from Vittula), described the life of a Laestadian as an endless uphill walk. A life where pain itself is the essence, is what gives the wanderer his rank or status. Deprivation and asceticism are the building blocks with which the faithful one builds his ladder to Heaven.
The medieval flagellants who whipped themselves with barbed iron chains were but the ultimate consequence of the yoke that for centuries, yes millennia has been put upon the shoulders of the faithful one – not by god, but by those who have claimed to interpret the word of god. Fear the Lord! Walk the hard and narrow road, because the broad one leads to Hell!

And many are the poor souls, sheltered in bodies, that have followed the dictates from the priests, the mullahs, the scribes.
And the struggle for survival has often been so hard, so tiresome that it has devoured all energy from the faithful one. He hasn’t had the strength to sit down and reflect upon the absurdness of what’s demanded of him, to ask the decisive questions, to add two and two together and make the analysis.
Because he who is capable of lifting his gaze, of removing – if only for a short while – the yoke from his shoulders and straighten out into his full length, and listen to his brother from another place on the earth, will quickly realize that there is something wrong here.
Because he who observes his brother from another place on the earth, can very clearly see how his brother is wandering an equally hard and narrow road, but the observer can see that the road his brother is walking, goes straight down to Hell.
And if the observer had been able to put himself inside his brother’s body and soul, and from there watch himself on his narrow road, he would to his dismay find that also that road, his own, leads to Hell.
Where the Hell am I Going? by Andy Lord

Because in their urge to fetter the people, to gain complete control over them and assure itself of their tithe, the church – no matter if it claims to follow Jesus or Mohammed – has identified as its most important principle that thou shalt have no other gods before me.
Heresy has been raised to become the ultimate sin, the only unforgiveable sin, the sin that with absolute certainty will send the sinner to the eternal fire.
And here we have the paradox. For the one staggering on along the narrow road of the Christian priest will inevitably end up in the Muslims’ Hell. And the one who painstakingly advance on the equally narrow road of the Muslim mullah will with the same absolute certainty find himself in the Christians’ Hell.
Which leads us to the natural follow-up question: If all roads lead to Hell – one hell or the other – why not choose to walk the broad road instead, and have some fun on the way?

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