10 augusti 2018

Dawn of Dystopia

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There were those who warned.
And later.
Many wrote, well and clearly worded articles or spontaneous posts in social media, that we had to do something.
Yes, gradually there were almost nobody who hadn’t heard the warnings.

Still nothing happened.

The typhoons along the Tropic of Cancer started to come… not just during late Summer and Fall but, soon, all year round.
The consuming fires in Australia got worse by every Summer.
New York and Boston were cut off in a terrible snow storm – in May. In Arctic Europe snow melted in the beginning of March. Skiing competitions were cancelled.

Still nothing happened.

Fiji… Samoa… Vanuatu… the Maldives… disappeared.
The countries of South occupied the rostrum in the UN building, Angelina Jolie travelled across the world giving inflammatory speeches.
But nothing happened. The oil continued to flow in the fuel tanks. The cole continued to warm the buildings. The advertising agencies continued to produce cheerful commercials or jingles that were running, day and night, on television and radio:
Consume more! Buy now, pay later!

Dawn of Dystopia, by Andy Lord

Then one day… a tiny rivulet started to wind its way southwest from the Siberian steppes. A rivulet of poisonous matters that had been frozen into the tundra for thousands of years.
At the same time, a 2000 kilometers wide, ten kilometers thick block of ice came off the Weddell Sea in Antarctica. It moved northeast with the water currents and melted along the way.
From opposite directions they came – the melting water and the methane river, and they crashed right into the heart of civilization.

Then, only then, when the white man’s home and cultural heritage lay in ruins, the leaders and those who were in command reacted.
Then, when it was clear that it was their own population who would be forced to flee – with no cars, no electricity, no food or accomodation – a small group was appointed to lead the search for new land.
The members of the group were equipped with the old, still functioning weapons, fetched from their hiding places, and with the ancient knowledge that secretly had been transmitted, by oral tradition, from mother to daughter.
They got unexpected assistance from the proud but shy people of the large pastoral forests, when they set out, in the Dawn of Dystopia.

Andy Lord

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