18 november 2018

The Supper

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To behold the body of a beautiful woman is like entering a gothic cathedral and being filled with reverence before the deity.
The softness of her shape…
The harmony of her lines…
The grace of her movements…

The Supper by Andy Lord.

 In the beginning was the Mother Goddess.
She was the creating power, the caring and loving power.
From her body came the life-giving liquid like an eternal, rippling river, and it nourished mankind.
She ruled the villages of the early humans, directed male strength and adrenaline towards tracking and hunting down animals necessary to feed the people, or towards constructing buildings to sleep in.
She made the crucial decisions, because she was the Wise one, who understood how everything was connected together, understood that all living things – plant, animal and man – are parts of the same system and therefore depend on each other.

Not everyone followed her advice, and she didn’t want to take away the free will of man. Because if she did, man would be reduced to a mechanical puppet, and that wasn’t her intention. But freedom came with a price.
Aggressive males challenged her, questioned her leadership. When they joined forces, and continuously made each other take yet another step, they became so powerful and frightening that they made other humans submit to their will. And the Mother Goddess took a step back, just because she didn’t want to reduce her people to mechanical puppets.
The strong, double edged sword that is the free will threw out mankind from the original Garden of Eden, to an existence with rivalling warrior gods who felt a perpetual need to try their strength against each other. The fight for domination became more important than ruling for the benefit of everyone.

The Mother Goddess didn’t disappear. She was still there, in the wings, to assure that she creating, caring and loving values weren’t completely taken away from mankind.
She lived on as ruler of the Druids’ Avalon, but her power diminished steadily.
She lived on as a wise woman, skilled in medicine, but all too often she ended up being burnt at the stake.
She lived on as the Madonna, humbly revered as the one power balancing the strong male god.
Not even the fierce, male centered cultures of the Lutherans and Moslems could completely stop her from exerting her influence.

Because free will also came with the power to evolve, to rise from the animal stage, not just physically but also mentally and spiritually.
And the life-giving milk is still gushing like a strong river from her body.

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